Nails Care

When and how to cut your nails


Когда и как правильно стричь ногти


Our nails are necessary to us not only for manicures and additions fashion image. In the times of the stone age, for example, nails served weapons. The nail plate is also a skin, only ороговевшая, it protects the tips of his fingers from injury. To preserve the beauty and health need to nail them correctly cut.

Types of problem nail

Виды проблемных ногтей

Beautiful, long nails are part of the image of women. Although not every representative of the fairer sex can these nails boast. And if the nail form given at birth, the health depends on our habits and lifestyle. Constant care, attention to the condition of the nails you need not only to eliminate possible problems, but certainly for prevention. After all, many troubles connected with nails, can be eliminated with the help of natural remedies. Sometimes there is no improvement, and here you urgently need to ask for help, to prevent transition of the disease into a chronic form.

Paraffin therapy


Seasonal changes have a very strong influence on the whole organism. And the skin, the largest organ in our body, requires additional attention. In spring it is necessary procedures, enhancing vitamins and trace elements, in summer – moisturizing, autumn and winter, we must care about the necessary food and protection from the adverse effects of the external environment.

Is there a cosmetic procedure that can help them in any time of the year to maintain the beauty of our skin? Indeed, there is. This is a well known and popular procedure – paraffin.

Nails and diet

Ногти и диета

Certainly during the pedicure or manicure, you had to ask his master, why your nails thin and brittle? And if the master qualified, it would advise you to pay attention to your diet. It is the influence of food and diet health nail we will now discuss.

Vitamins for nail

Витамины для ногтей

For the health of our nails need vitamins. These can be obtained from food and can be obtained in pharmacies and add the cream. You can make vitamin massage fingers and nails, it is very useful.
Presented below vitamins are needed for complex care of nails. They help keep the natural beauty and health of your nails. You don’t need expensive cosmetic procedures in the salon.

Nail care in summer

Уход за ногтями в летний период

Women’s hands – the very beauty and intimacy, graceful women’s wrist, well-groomed nails often attract true connoisseurs of beauty – men. Why women always seek to maintain your manicure in the proper form and the summer is not an exception. Going on vacation to the sea I want to look the most attractive. How should care for nails in the period of sea and sun baths?

How quickly grow nails

Как быстро отрастить ногти

Healthy and strong nails – the dream of all women. Nail plate reflects the internal state of the body. Not all natural nails grow quickly, and so want. In this article we will explain how to quickly grow nails.

How do French manicure at home

No more aesthetic and concisely manicure than French. It is so elegant and versatile, suitable for any occasion – from weddings to strict office dress code. Bear in mind that the French manicure is a time (60-90 minutes) and is performed in two stages: a normal manicure (preparation of nails) and direct the process of applying varnish. As a French   Read more »

home manicure

home manicure

Manicure – a set of procedures for the care of hands. They say that the eyes – a mirror of the human soul, and his hands – his business card (this idea came up manicure). And it is not in vain. The hands are almost always in sight, and sometimes they say a lot about its owner. In the 21st   Read more »

hot manicure

hot manicure

Hot manicure – one of the most expensive but also the most pampering nail salons today. The main element of this manicure is plenty of hot oil or hand cream. Do not confuse it with the SPA manicure – they have differences, and the use of much more hot. Most women suffer from overdried skin, especially in winter. Cold, wind,   Read more »