Nails Care

Features hand care

Особенности ухода за кожей рук

To have beautiful hands, you must take care of them, picking up beautiful varnish and making manicure. However, this is not enough, because the beauty of the hands and depends on the condition of the skin. Forgetting to give it due consideration, we would one day notice on it a lot of ugly wrinkles. The fact is that a skin of hands regularly exposed to the negative influence of various external factors. So, premature aging and appearance of pigment spots contribute to the rays of sun, frost and wind. Regularly use soap, detergent powders and other cleaners, we обезжириваем the skin of the hands, because it is quickly becoming wrinkled and sagging.


How to properly care for your hands in the winter

Как правильно ухаживать за руками в зимний период

The wind and cold weather in winter is often the cause redness and peeling of the skin of hands. From this skin ages, it dries, loses its healthy appearance. Cause dryness often becomes a narrowing of the blood vessels, which leads to low nutrient inflows as to the skin, and nails. To avoid this, it is advisable to follow a few simple rules.


Neat and well-attended hands

Ухоженые руки

Any modern woman living in pace with the times, always tries to look stylish, fashionable and gently. This requires not only financial costs and time needed for some beauty treatments. Because to look young, fresh and effectively, you need every day to care for their appearance, as though difficult it was not.

Beautiful nails at home

Красивые ногти в домашних условиях

Did you know that for the content of their nails in a tidy condition is not necessary to visit salons manicure? A great manicure can be done at home and if you want you can learn and technology of building nails, moreover, it is quite simple, but will help to save not only time but money.

What nails choose to please a man

Какие ногти выбрать, чтобы угодить мужчине

Beautiful half of humanity, love long conversations among themselves, which often discusses the different women’s tricks. With the advent of techniques of nail extension, the kind of talk is all the more concerned it is these nuances. Girls arguing about which is best varnish, what form of nail length, but completely forget sometimes that on this issue, what men think.


Essential oils hand: aromatic, nice and helpful

Эфирные масла для рук: ароматно, приятно и полезно

Essential oils for the skin of the hands and nails are excellent tools. They help in solving many problems (dry, loose skin, cracked, eczema) and suited to many.

How to strengthen nails after the building

Как укрепить ногти после наращивания

Despite the fact that the nail is out of fashion now, many still use such a service. Manufacturers of materials for increasing the offer products, which practically does not injure the nail plate. However, despite this, after the removal of the nail necessary to spend a few relax and revitalize. If the nail plate from nature is strong enough to strengthen your nails after the building special coverings. Problem nails needs a set of special procedures.

Comprehensive care for hands from TM Cristal


Комплексный уход за руками от TM Cristal


Innovative hand care, natural nails and cuticle from TM Cristal allows achieving excellent results with any condition of the skin and nails. In each tool are active ingredients of biotechnological origin – the vast know-how to care for your hands. The funds are not just mask, and also to solve the problem of thin, dry and brittle nails, moisturize and cuticle care.

Dry and brittle nails – what to do?


Сухие и ломкие ногти – что делать?


Many women face the problem of brittle and dry nails. Very often the nail plate layers, this suggests that the nail is not a healthy condition. Because of such problems nails grow very slowly.

Aromatherapy in the nail service


Ароматерапия в ногтевом сервисе


As is known, aromatherapy products increase the efficiency of any salon treatments. Interest in this subject, especially increased in recent years, when the most popular acquired a genuine concept of care, and the growing attention to the directions of the wellness and spa Triggered a boom in the products with essential oils.