A bit of a pedicure

Each year, the procedure is becoming more common – in fact it is not only pleasant, but also necessary for thehealth of your feet. During this procedure, in addition to a pleasant massage and relaxation (in India the feetbelong to the erotic zones), udalyayuts


I’m dead cells of skin, blisters on the feet and toes, corns, ingrown nails. After “cleaning” your nails are polished,painted or varnished. If you do a pedicure on a regular basis – your legs will look perfect – akkurtno dyed nails, skin rosy, hydrated and free from cracks, “raid” dead cells.

If you do this procedure from the master – he (she) will promptly tell you the problem, whether it be flat, or irregular nail growth.

These days most kosmetlologicheskih salons offer several options for a pedicure, such as: 1) classic pedicure, and 2) pedicure equipment, and 3) the European pedicures, and 4) Spa – pedicure.

Consider all the options – so you can choose what suits you. Classic, he’s cut manicure – basic. The basic tools for such a pedicure – cutting pliers, safety razor. Despite various innovations in the world of cosmetic skin care stop this kind of pedicure is still a leader in the world in the frequency of the procedure.

The process of the classical stage can be divided into five stages:

1) Removal of old paint or varnish residue (if any), and

2) Adoption of trays for steaming (can be a lot of options, from simple warm water and soap to the various baths with salts)

3) Cleaning – removal of corns, calluses, cuticles, correction of the length and shape of the nail.

4) Mitigation Procedures – The funds for the application of various skin hydration (often scrub + cream).

 5) Massage and design. (It may just be causing a certain tone, or a French pedicure, or a picture in the style of manicure on the hands). European Pedicure – dry, not clause is used piercing-cutting devices, and is therefore more secure, than the classic. Cuticles are not cut, and “dissolved” by certain compounds. Make the removal of the skin on his heel and going without the use of sharp objects – it dissolves the special softening agents.Pedicure equipment – very popular with people with problem feet. Using a variety of attachments, chiropodists with ease and relieves you from blisters, corns, ingrown nails and cracks. Make sure that the wizard before the procedure handled tools disinfectant to predostvratit getting infections. After treatment, the specialist does specials. drug to keratinized layers of skin gone soft. Special device removes the softened skin layers. The cuticle is equal to a smaller nozzle.

SPA-pedicure – the most expensive and longest type of pedicure. It consists of a set of procedures that help the client complete relaxation. In this type of manicure is not used forceps or a razor, calluses, corns, etc. softened.For this leg, “soaked” by adding water (or milk), concentrated seaweed and salt Martvili sea. On the cuticlecausing substance in the composition of which there are Alpha-Hydroxy Acids. These acids exfoliate dead skin cells, helping to grow healthy cells. In Spa – pedicure uses many tools and stages. Enumerate all will not be due to the fact that the house you still did not do a pedicure master, and so everyone knows. Let me just say that it isincredibly nice and incredibly helpful mystery – spa pedicure. And understand this can only be tried.

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