Nails and diet

Ногти и диета

Certainly during the pedicure or manicure, you had to ask his master, why your nails thin and brittle? And if the master qualified, it would advise you to pay attention to your diet. It is the influence of food and diet health nail we will now discuss.

Women, striving for harmony of your body, forget about the nails, and they, too, are an important part of the beauty. Arranging a diet and fasting days, we forget that the body does not get vitamins and suffer our fingernails (fragility, lamination, dullness, weakness etc).

You can, of course use the boosters Polish, but this only helps to clean conscience. This result can be obtained only after a radical and correct solution to the problem of «inside», that is balanced and healthy diet.

No matter what diet you will experience for yourself, it is important, what will be the vitamins and minerals in your diet, and the presence of protein and calcium is necessary. During dieting, make sure that it does not become long and monotonous. Your nails can tell whether you picked your diet, monitor, nails every day. At a slight deterioration of their condition immediately change your diet. For this purpose it is best to turn to a specialist dietician, it will be safer for health.

And the main thing is not worth involved too unloading days and starvation. Start with inner beauty, and then you will be not only beautiful, and healthy.


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