Nail fungus – prevention and treatment

Грибок на ногтях - профилактика и лечение

Fungal infection of the toenails is not only an aesthetic discomfort, but also can serve as the impetus for the development of allergies and asthma, the appearance of warts and herpes. Advanced cases are accompanied by inflammation of the mucous membranes, conjunctivitis, chronic lymphadenitis and Lyell’s syndrome.

Not naive to assume that the problem is not affecting the overall condition of the body, because if you do not fight with the fungus, it will weaken the immune system, and will pave the way for other, more serious, infections.

Daily pathogen attacks millions of people where they don’t know it.

So where exactly, a naive sense of confidence dulls our vigilance?


  • Hits the nail fungus on the feet from healthy human carrier of the disease during a visit to the pool, the gym or relaxing at the beach.
  • You can “get an infection” in a Shoe store if the shoes or trying on sneakers infected person.
  • The pathogen penetrates into the body after a salon pedicure, if the master conducted the procedure for a sick person, and after not handled tools with special tools.
  • The problem is spreading rapidly among family, especially if you use the same shoes or toiletries with a relative who has a fungus on his feet.

Significantly the risk of infection increases:

  • with the weakening of the immune system for cancer, AIDS or infectious diseases;
  • with poor circulation, diabetes and vascular disease;
  • in the elderly, as it reduces the pH of the skin, fingernails grow more slowly;
  • prolonged exposure in close synthetic Shoe that allows feet to breathe;
  • in the presence of mechanical damage of the nail (cracks, cuts, blisters);
  • the use of corticosteroids, prolonged antibiotic therapy or antibiotics.

Грибок на ногтях - профилактика и лечение

How to treat nail fungus on feet

Traditional methods may cost less, but drugs greatly accelerate recovery and help avoid complications. Read more about the treatment of fungus on nails.

Therefore, there is only one truly efficient and effective simultaneous reception of tablets with an external impact on the infection site. Dermatologist to tailor the course, focusing on the characteristics of the patient.

Operational method

Used in advanced cases, when drug treatment of nail fungus does not produce results: the patient under General anesthesia to pull out the plate. Soft fabric is treated with antiseptic drugs to kill the pathogen. There is a risk that the fungus will appear on the plate are regrown.

Modern solution

Simultaneously with reception of tablets the patient is instructed to undergo laser therapy: the infected area is treated with rays that disinfect, do not damage the soft tissue and do not cause pain. The course duration is from 6 to 12 months.

The basic version

To get rid of the problem in the first stage by using special varnishes: “Batrafen” or “Ciclopiroxolamine” solution “Loteria” or serum “Mikosan”, which is sold with 10 files to process the affected areas.

To remove the infected plate without pain is possible “Nagavita” or “Multiminima”: solution is processed by steaming the nail that cover band for 4 days, and then carefully cut off the peeling part.

Is an effective remedy for nail fungus called “Èkzoderil”: it is recommended to use the spray, and as an ointment to speed up recovery. Internally administered “Orungal”, which eliminates the problem, but reduces libido. The second option – “Mycosyst” or “Diflucan” most toxic “lamisil”.

The duration of treatment depends on the neglect and reactions.

Lucky will help get rid of nasty infection for 6-12 months, pills and ointments from 3-12 months.

  • buy high-quality “breathable” shoes;
  • do not wear other people’s shoes and flip flops;
  • make disinfection stop after visiting the sauna or swimming pool;
  • improve your immunity using nutrition;
  • periodically treat foot ointment “Myfungar”.

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