Nail care in summer

Уход за ногтями в летний период

Women’s hands – the very beauty and intimacy, graceful women’s wrist, well-groomed nails often attract true connoisseurs of beauty – men. Why women always seek to maintain your manicure in the proper form and the summer is not an exception. Going on vacation to the sea I want to look the most attractive. How should care for nails in the period of sea and sun baths?

First, packing bags on the sea, don’t forget to make an appointment at the beauty salon and get a manicure in Minsk the professional masters of nail service. You will put in order the nail plate, cover with a protective lacquer and be sure to moisturize cuticle special oil, because under the influence of sunlight skin is often dry and nails begin to exfoliate. Arriving at the resort, protective varnish it is desirable to remove, because the nails also want to entertain You. So the best fastening will serve as a means of sea water, which is rich in magnesium, calcium, potassium. Of course, the sun cuticle can подсушиваться, so make sure you bring a cuticle oil with the content of jojoba oil or sweet almond oil, vitamin E. in no case should not paint the nails are polished on the beach, trying to consolidate useful substances in the nail plate. After all, if the apply varnish after a swim, he hermetically closes the surface of the nail, without giving evaporate the water from your nails. You will get excellent conditions for reproduction of Pseudomonas aeruginosa and on returning home will show off green «beauty». If you notice a green mould on nails – immediately contact the person at the initial stage, the wizard easily cope with it.

For those who plans to go to the village or to the cottage in the period of summer vacation, at work in the garden, a garden it is necessary to wear gloves. Cotton gloves will protect not only your nails, but also the delicate skin of hands. If you have a long work in the garden, the skin on the sides of the nail can significantly погрубеть. Before arriving in the city and a hike in the nail salon, you can help rough places, brushing them orange oil or rubbing lemon slice.

Returning home rested and sunburnt, you can with the new forces to start working weekdays. But before going to work don’t forget to visit the salon for a manicure in Minsk. Being in the city, the summer heat, dry air, the hot asphalt, dust and exhaust gases are not the best way to affect your nails. The best way to protect your nails from drying out and becoming brittle – be varnished in two layers, twice a week. Preferably it was therapeutic firming lacquer with vitamins and plant extracts. Liquid for removing the varnish plays an important role in the care of nails. Ideally, the liquid should contain vitamins B5, E, calcium, plant extracts, conditioning and moisturizing and additives.

Wherever You were planning to spend the summer time, it is worth remembering that the nails are also in need of rest and protection. And in your power to provide them with adequate care.

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