male manicure

male manicureIn our vreya man ceased to be a representative of brute male force, not keeping an eye on her appearance. After an untidy appearance, smell of sweat and stubble not only attract the ladies, but conversely repel them.
Monitor their appearance like men – they are happy to wear fashionable clothes, take care of hair, and harmonious appearance. Often, however, men forget about a very important part of the look – the hands, and in particular nails. But they need regular maintenance. After the hands have a lot of information – your job area, the size of your heart (palm, folded into a fist exactly the same as the size of the human heart), and, as they say, many fortunetellers – even show fate.

So what is a man’s manicure, and what are the differences from the female?
Muzhchkoy manicures as women – procedure regularly. 1 time is not enough to bring the beauty of – on average (depending on the type of work), the procedure must be repeated every 3-4 weeks. The cleaning process of nails, cuticle removal is the same. The only difference is that women wear colored nail polish, men are limited with varnish, or just polishing.

Useful information: fingernails grow by 1 mm per week, and the nails of feet – only 0.25 mm.

Some people believe that men – rare visitors beauty salons, and each of their visits to violent reaction accompanied the girls, and as a consequence – the awkwardness. I think it is for these reasons that there muzhchkie spa salons, men’s cosmetic centers, where they can in the comfort of a cozy atmosphere to make toilet without falling under the excessive attention. If you absolutely prudes, and want to stay with the master alone – please have lounges with individual cubicles, where no one can see an important occupation for the symposium.

Samys common type of male manicure is a European cut. Although there are still hard, hot, sunny, and French.

Specialists are often multi-functional, and easy to do manicure for both men and women. If women form the nail is to the mainstream (almond, oval, square) and use its best efforts to achieve the perfect result. The men are all different – shaped nails done directly to the shape of the fingertip, with very few exceptions, it is not always pleasing to the eye. Nails men thicker, and do not suffer from applying varnish, so bundle and fragility rare. Capillaries as men are close to the skin and cuticle more dense, so the process of its removal requires great care.

The process of creating the male manicure looks like this:
1) Nails opilivaem sawing from the edges to the center of the nail plate.
2) steamed in a special container;
3) undercuts the cuticle, and corrects the shape nail bed;
4) If you wish – is peeling, during which applies scrub, massage with hand cream (very pleasant procedure);
5) Apply a protective coating (matt lacquer, which is not obvious).

By choosing a manicure should be treated with caution, because an inexperienced master can ruin your nails. Be careful and watch your hands.

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