Location of foot fungus?

Location of foot fungusNail fungus – one of the most common infectious diseases in the world, that plagues many people. If the time to discover it – nothing will be big problems, but if you run the disease – treatment will be long and painful. If not treated – the consequences could be dire. At the moment, there are many ways to fight nail fungus – like drugs and people. Most important – do not think that this problem is not serious and incurable disease. Tenacity and desire to help you to restore a beautiful view of your feet and nails.
In the initial phase change color and shape the nail is almost imperceptible, so periodically, At least once a month, a detailed study of the condition of your skin and the nail plate (especially after staying in the public baths, saunas, swimming pools). If you notice any changes – see your doctor dermatologist. He will direct you to the tests, which include microscopy and culture. They can confirm or deny your fears. If the result is positive – the lab tests the doctor will prescribe the method and duration of treatment. You, in turn, can use traditional methods. (They are described in this article, foot fungus – metozhy treatment).
There are several causes of foot fungus (beyond the public areas with high humidity, which is a fertile ground for the life of fungi).
1) Diabetes, AIDS, lowered immunity due to an illness, obesity.
2) Taking antibiotics and oral contraceptives
3) Injuries to the nail and feet, scratches, cracks in the nail bed and rollers, frequent stay feet wet conditions.
Previously, the best and the only treatment was considered removal of the affected nail. Deystveenym but unfortunately it was not – very often the new nail grew just amazed. In our time, this procedure is resorted to only in very advanced cases, when the new nail to treat better.
Take care of your legs and not get sick!

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