Keratin – the basis of the nail

composition nails and fingersOsnovoy nohtevoy plastynы yavlyaetsya belok under the name “keratin”.
Keratin – a belok, except on nails before a kozhe and hair. Density nails, hair density and Thickness strongly zavysyt density from keratin, and in turn on zavysyt from among atomov sulfur. Poyavlyayuschyesya connection between the molecules as a once-and still ukreplyayut belok, thanks chemu on stanovytsya of solid.
Mainly, the number of sulfur, and will say tochnee cysteine, amino acids, the composition kotoroy Included Sir, zavysyt not only from EE CONTENT in the body, but also from nasledstvennosty. Thus, the content of cysteine ​​nekotorыh The most vыsokoe that the delaet nails of solid, as a stone, and in the second level of cysteine ​​is very low, and nails because of myahkye do this, and lomkye.

In promezhutkah between sloyamy keratin raspolozhennы tonenkye prosloechky, sostoyaschye from the Fat and water. Ymenno These stratum give nohtevoy plate hybkost and Natural Glitter. Also nohot ymeet ynteresnoe properties vpytыvat water, and how do this, sledstvye – uvelychyvat its sobstvennuyu Thickness. As a result do this, properties, individuals, who ymeyut Stable contact with water, soft nails stanovyatsya, tolstыmy, and very ymeyut Highest risk of delamination.

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