How to strengthen nails after the building

Как укрепить ногти после наращивания

Despite the fact that the nail is out of fashion now, many still use such a service. Manufacturers of materials for increasing the offer products, which practically does not injure the nail plate. However, despite this, after the removal of the nail necessary to spend a few relax and revitalize. If the nail plate from nature is strong enough to strengthen your nails after the building special coverings. Problem nails needs a set of special procedures.

One of the options available to restore weakened escalating of nails sealing nail. The procedure is based on rubbing nutrient composition in the nails полировочным by.

After removing the nails should not use decorative coatings (nails need time to recover slightly), and if not do without them, the destruction do not contain acetone liquid. Acetone dry and without dehydrated nail plate.

Before going to sleep you must do massage of nail plate with a nourishing cream, make a mask and wear cotton gloves until the morning.

Industry of health and beauty offers special creams for recovery, but for the best effect, you can cook a tool in the home. 1 teaspoon of cosmetic oils of almond, avocado oil, jojoba oil, or wheat germ mix with 2-3 drops of essential oil, incense, patchouli, bergamot, pine-tree, sandalwood and cedar. Ready to RUB it in the nails, after the absorption remove the cotton disc.

Как укрепить ногти после наращивания

Additionally strengthen nails can be оздоровив cuticle when building up and correction it is subject to intense impact of files. The easiest option is to make European (uncut) manicure at home or in the cabin. A qualified specialist will be able to advise on the correct care for cuticle and weakened nails.

In the salons of a very popular procedure paraffinotherapy that is sufficient to carry out once per two weeks.

Как укрепить ногти после наращивания

External impact for strengthening nails after the building will not help, if not hardened «from the inside». For good growth of strong nails it is necessary to enrich your diet of vegetables, herbs, fruit and start taking vitamins with calcium.

The beneficial and curative influence will have microelements and minerals (selenium, magnesium, sulphur, silicon, zinc, and iron). The attention and care of your own body will improve not only the nails, and all the body.

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