How to remove the cuticle at home

Как правильно удалить кутикулу в домашних условиях

Manicure has become an integral part of care for every woman. With her hands always remain beautiful and most importantly healthy. The basic steps of manicure is aimed at the care of the nail plate and cuticle. Today we will discuss how to properly care for cuticles at home.

Today, there are several ways to remove the cuticle:

  • move aside special tools;
  • circumcision scissors, or tweezers;
  • dissolution of special tools (spray, gel, liquid).

All these methods easy to reproduce on their own at home, because a modern women you need to constantly keep yourself in good shape.

Some the question arises, why remove the cuticle? Cuticle – namegawa the skin, which acts as a shield against bacteria and germs at the base of the nail. But the paradox is that it can cause inflammation and the appearance of burrs. Therefore, removal of cuticle in manicure and pedicure required.

Depending on the type of manicure, use different ways to remove the cuticle.

Removal of cuticle in bezobrazna (European) manicure

This manicure is performed using special products based on fruit acids. To use means for removing the cuticle from the nail is not difficult. It is necessary to conduct disinfection of the nails, apply a few drops on the cuticles, leave for a few minutes (according to instructions), wooden stick handle tool from the surface. At the end apply a nail cream or oil.
Neither this way remove the cuticle does not give such a result as a classic manicure. It is the circumcision of the cuticle makes the nail beautiful and healthy.

Как правильно удалить кутикулу в домашних условиях

Removal of cuticle in the classical trimming manicure

To properly trim the cuticles need a lot to learn and practice. Unskilled masters during circumcision, the cuticle can injure the “living tissue” periungual roller than to cause serious injury. However, that manicure is popular in salons.

Как правильно удалить кутикулу в домашних условиях

Consider how to trim the cuticle and independently at home.

Materials needed:

  • nail clippers;
  • pusher;
  • tweezers.

The circumcision of the cuticle requires a firmly planted hand and accuracy perform manipulative movements. Every master has his own favorite tool, it can be tweezers or nail scissors, whatever you like. So as not to injure the skin of the cutting materials properly to trim cuticles:

  1. Sure sharp blades so they cut the dead cuticle, and did not tear.
  2. Movements performed slowly without sudden jerks tool.
  3. You must not move from the middle to the cuticle, as it were, in a circle.
  4. The thumb must be kept so that a complete overview of the nail.
  5. To adhere to unwritten rules: it is better to finish off than to cut.

Как правильно удалить кутикулу в домашних условиях

Manicure trimming cuticle should be held regularly and how often depends on growth of the cuticle. That the cuticle was elastic in between manicures, you need to use creams and oils that will maintain the health of cuticles and nails in General. This applies not only to the procedure of manicure and pedicure. Regular clipping of the cuticles on the nails of the hands and feet promotes health and beauty.

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