How to properly care for your hands

Nail Care, Nail bathHow to properly care for your hands.
Nowadays, a considerable% of women want to take care of their own hands and nails. Here are some items that should be soblyadat in home care for your nails.

Nails and hands need constant care, and regardless of whether you are ugly and the ugly form of brittle nails, or you have a chic natural manicure. And their beauty and attractiveness of the effort depends on the owner.

If you want to avoid burrs – always wear gloves when working with the land, washing dishes, as well as in carrying out any “dirty” work. When the burr you will immediately feel the pain, and we need as quickly as possible to remove them with scissors or tweezers, disinfected with alcohol and spread greasy cream.
Despite the fact that nowadays there are many tools for washing dishes with all sorts of balms that claim to protect against dry skin and nails of the foliation, it is recommended to handle the same hand cream every time.
Cream polish is better to rub the skin around the nail – it is faster and better absorbed, will provide an improved blood circulation. Vitamins should be applied to a thin layer on the nail bed.

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