How to properly care for your hands in the winter

Как правильно ухаживать за руками в зимний период

The wind and cold weather in winter is often the cause redness and peeling of the skin of hands. From this skin ages, it dries, loses its healthy appearance. Cause dryness often becomes a narrowing of the blood vessels, which leads to low nutrient inflows as to the skin, and nails. To avoid this, it is advisable to follow a few simple rules.

Rule 1: Clean

Masters of manicure is recommended to pay attention not only to the hard soap, which is the most popular tool for cleaning hands, but from its liquid counterparts. Liquid soap is much softer, promotes skin hydration and nutrition essential oils, which are often used in the composition. Hands should be washed only in warm water, as hot causes dry, and cold to the roughness of the skin. For additional tone, you can graduate from hand washing by water with a low temperature.

Rule 2: Care

Proper care protects hands, even in the winter. That is why, before each facing the street it is desirable to use a nourishing cream. Before applying, you must remove all jewelry. Even if you bought silver wholesale you must remember that soap, cream and other means of care is the worst enemies of silver jewelry. To preserve their attractiveness is desirable to remove them at the time of the procedure.
If the hands are still обветрились, it is necessary for the night apply moisturizing fat cream, and further protect the hands thin cotton gloves. For sensitive skin selection of cream is a complicated procedure, and if there was the best option, it is desirable to remember not only the name of the cream, but the manufacturer, its composition.

Rule 3: Save

Cleaning and care – this is the procedure that we face every day, but in addition, it is desirable to carry out additional actions that will lead to fixation and preservation of the received result. Firstly, the hands of need and more deep cleaning. Here it is advisable to use special tools for peeling hands, and you can prepare yourself. Secondly, you should ensure that all the household chores were produced only in gloves, as even the most well-groomed hands are defenseless against chemical means by which we clean the house.
A woman’s age can be determined by hands, so care should be the first priority in any time of the year.

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