How to make a manicure at home

Как сделать маникюр в домашних условиях

Sometimes it happens that there is absolutely no possibility of visiting the nail salon and nails are already in pretty poor condition. It is at such moments a large number of girls begin to think about how to have a beautiful well-groomed hands, not wasting almost no funds.

And I must say that it is not so difficult as it seems. Consider the process of manicure at home in stages.

1. First, we take a special tool for removing the varnish and conventional cotton swab. Even if your nails no varnish still wipe such means should, first of all in order to degrease the surface. The following steps you need to perform a nail without any traces of lacquer.

2. If, in your opinion, nails are too long, you can take the scissors and carefully cut them. It is important not to overdo it, because clipped to the root of the nails do not look very attractive. Moreover, a bit later it is possible to saw through to the desired shape or length, that is to say, it is far safer.

3. The next stage is called the puddle. The simplest variant is a vessel with the usual warm water and oil. It can be and olive, and castor, and aromatic. What kind of oil you choose, in any case, it is perfectly moisturize and soften the delicate skin on the hands. To add even greater efficiency zone cuticle you can apply cream for hands. It is clear that the varieties baths for hands a great many. Just below is another example of the bath.

Bath with calendula. For its execution, will take a few spoons of calendula, warm water and a few drops of olive oil. Take the vessel in which it will be convenient to hold hands, pour it with water, then add calendula, keep 4-5 minutes. Now comes the turn of olive oil: gently place it and again lower hands. Hold still a few minutes, only to wipe his hands and proceed to the next stages.

4. The next thing to do is to use a special device push back cuticles with the utmost delicacy. After softening the baths is a procedure will be held with the simplicity and ease.

5. Now you need to take the device for cutting the cuticle. This should be done with caution, as one awkward movement may injure such delicate skin.

6. Although manicure still not quite finished, your nails look quite beautiful and well-groomed, but that’s not all. The next step will be making nails in a certain form. The ideal is when it almost completely coincides with the form of the founding of the nail. But here, of course, we should take into account your own language preferences.

7. The penultimate step manicure will be polishing the nails. For this purpose invented a special device, which very closely resembles normal nail nail. It helps to level the surface of the nail plate and thereby significantly improve its appearance.

8. Now manicure comes to an end, but this step can be skipped altogether. It’s called «painting». We should remember that before you apply, should lubricate the nail with a special lotion-basis, which prevents yellowing and splitting nails. If lacquer you do not intend to apply, in a beauty shop you can buy treating the base Polish, which will significantly strengthen it.

Using these tips into practice, you will realize that manicure at home is not only cost-effective procedure, but also very simple to perform. Remains only do not forget to repeat it at least once a week, then your hands will look attractive, and nails will always be in excellent condition.

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