How to choose a cream for hands

Как выбрать крем для рук

Be sensitive to the choice of cosmetics for hand care must be carefully and to the selection of the cream for the face, neck, and body. Hands are always on the mind, and their condition may hide the woman’s age, and underline it. Any lady knows that the charm and beauty of this part of the body is an important component of appearance in General.

But before make such a major purchase, you should understand the categories of cosmetic means for skin of hands. The most common types of creams – moisturising, protective and anti-aging. The first and foremost task of cosmetics is an effective moisturizing. As a rule, the composition of all these creams are two basic elements: water and varied oil. Ladies with a dry skin of hands should choose the means of oil-based women with normal and oily skin – water.

The choice of creams for skin care products for the hands and nails is incredibly high. You can buy inexpensive domestic brands, made of natural plant components, and products to European and American manufacturers. For example, a multi-brand distributor Astoria cosmetics official website the Internet has a fairly long time ago, brought to the attention of buyers the best samples of professional cosmetics with a detailed description of each product.

Как выбрать крем для рук

Anti-aging products, in addition to the features present in the moisturizing cosmetics contain vitamin complexes, prevent aging. They include substances that contribute to the regeneration of the skin, prevent the harmful effects of ульрафиолета and free radicals. The task of anti-aging cosmetics – recovery aging skin of the hands and the maintenance of its balance sheet.

Many Housewives familiar with cream based on silicone the main components of which are silicone, mineral oils and glycerine. This makeup is able to protect the skin from exposure to various aggressive components (solutions of salts and acids), present in the household. At regular use of a silicone cream during carrying out of economic activities, the hand will retain well-groomed appearance and velvety skin.

Any modern woman should pay attention to your hands. It is necessary to pay a little time each day, and they will look beautiful, the skin will Shine with health. You should also choose correctly cream to moisturize.

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