How quickly grow nails

Как быстро отрастить ногти

Healthy and strong nails – the dream of all women. Nail plate reflects the internal state of the body. Not all natural nails grow quickly, and so want. In this article we will explain how to quickly grow nails.

In the modern world now there are no problems with thin and brittle nails, in the salons offer a service to strengthen natural nails gel or acrylic. But artificial nails is not a way out, moreover, that not all people like to increase your nails. The second season in a row in fashion natural and healthy nails. Many fashionable women want to have long nails, but how quickly grow nails to the desired size?

Research has shown that, at the hands of the nails grow 1-2 mm per week. Everything depends on a season – in the warmer months nails grow faster than in the cold. In spring-summer period we consume more vitamins, than in winter and vitamin D in Sunny and warm days it is produced more.

Как быстро отрастить ногтиIt should be noted that the nails pregnant women grow faster due to hormonal changes in the body, strong and proper nutrition, saturation of the body with vitamins and microelements. To accelerate the growth of nails eat foods with кальцыем, zinc, essential fatty acids omega -3» (cheese, oily and river fish, bananas) in winter drink vitamin D, in summer it is produced by solar rays.

Как быстро отрастить ногтиRegular massage fingers with vitamin oils accelerate the blood circulation that promotes the growth of the nail plate. Blood will be faster to deliver nutrients to the nail matrix to ensure a healthy growth of the nails.

Как быстро отрастить ногтиAccelerate the growth of nails, you can use the beauty salon paraffinotherapy. Warm and liquid cosmetic paraffin during the procedure to be applied on the cuticle, stimulating blood circulation, oxygen and saturation nail useful elements.

Как быстро отрастить ногтиAnother way to regular baths for nails with lemon and olive oil. Enough supports hands composed of 3-5 minutes. For the further strengthening of the nail plate do sea salt baths duration of treatment is not more than 20 minutes Blot hands with a paper towel, and make sure to massage with nourishing cream or any aromatic oil.

Как быстро отрастить ногтиNail growth can be accelerated by vitamin «E» RUB it in the nails. The same effect will be from a medical iodine, apply it on your nails at night.

For the rapid growth of the nails there are traditional methods.

Tool 1. You will need 5 gr. beeswax, boiled yolk and 40 ml calendula oil. Wax warm in a water bath, without removing, add oil and mashed egg yolk, continue heating, stirring constantly. When the mass becomes thick, remove from fire. RUB this ointment in the nails.

Tool 2. Mix 5 gr. baby cream and red pepper, add 20 drops of water and it is heated on a water bath. Ready ointment RUB the nails.

Useful tips to accelerate the growth of nails and their healthy growth:

  • regularly procedure manicure and other measures for the care of nails and skin of hands;
  • do not let the burrs on the cuticle and околоногтевых the rollers, it will not impede the penetration of bacteria in the lower layers of nail;
  • eat more vitamin «A» he controls the growth of nails;
  • eat more vegetable fats, fruits, seafood, vegetables and liver;
  • RUB the nails useful oil, cosmetics, nail care;
  • protect your nails from damage and «dirty» jobs do gloves.

Healthy nails – easily! Love yourself and your nails will grow beautiful and healthy!

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