How do French manicure at home

file1402364_523c701eNo more aesthetic and concisely manicure than French. It is so elegant and versatile, suitable for any occasion – from weddings to strict office dress code.

Bear in mind that the French manicure is a time (60-90 minutes) and is performed in two stages: a normal manicure (preparation of nails) and direct the process of applying varnish. As a French manicure looks very carefully, any error manicure (residues cuticle, rough surface of the nail) will be immediately noticeable.

You will need:
– 2 color paint (ideally – white and ivory)
– Transparent Base-drying
– Strips French Manicure
– Nail file, scissors, cuticle nippers

1. Cooking nails
Before starting the procedure, it is necessary to clean the nails from old paint, remnants hand cream. Also carefully dispose of the cuticle. This is best done if the first hand support 10 minutes in warm water and soften the skin.

2. Define the length of
Align all the nails at one length – to start with a regular trimming with scissors.

3. Signature nails
After the nails were cut, they must saw through. This will get rid of bumps and adjust the shape of the nail. The traditional French manicure nail provides a square shape, rounded at the edges. But you can choose any usual form for themselves. Then is to wash your hands to get rid of leftovers.

4. Apply a foundation
Choosing paint for the base may vary. Perhaps you want a crystal clear lacquer. Pale pink shades are also very popular as a flesh-colored varnish. In any case, use light colors and is applied as a thin layer as possible. Wait until the paint is completely dry!

5. Cover the ends of
To apply perfectly flat white line, you need a lot of practice. In the meantime, you can do it with special labels for French manicure. They may be sold separately – or in a set with two colors of paint. You can also buy white nail French manicure, which is very thin brush and paint can be applied very evenly, accurately.

6. Secure the dryer
When the white strips are completely dry, the nails should be covered with clear varnish-drying. Drying varnish will not only help secure the well-manicured, but will be much longer to protect it from damage.

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