hot manicure

hot manicure

Hot manicure – one of the most expensive but also the most pampering nail salons today. The main element of this manicure is plenty of hot oil or hand cream. Do not confuse it with the SPA manicure – they have differences, and the use of much more hot.

Most women suffer from overdried skin, especially in winter. Cold, wind, household chemicals (detergents, scouring powders and gels) have a negative effect on the skin. On dry skin cracks and wrinkles appear faster. Hand cream often have a local impact, that is not being treated, but only temporarily relieve symptoms.

Repeatedly to increase the impact of hand cream and significantly impact the effectiveness uvelichitt invented hot manicure. In this article I want to consider further advantage of this procedure, and will tell you how to do it at home.
Incredible moisturizing and revitalizing effects of hot manicure can only be compared with paraffin, but the main benefit is that the hot manicure has no contraindications. Paraffin therapy is contraindicated for people with any injuries and micro-cracks in the skin of hands, but the oil and cream hot baths can, and even should be done!

What is hot manicure? If you are a regular customer manicure salon it will look like this. You will remove the nail and offer lower fingers into a special tray that already contains oil, cream or Lotion, naretye ​​to a temperature of 50-55 degrees. Why is the temperature? Because it is ideal for the activation of vital processes in cells. Cream such temperature helps increase circulation and open the pores of the skin, and then the nutrients are in its membership, actively penetrate the cells. That is much more effective than the heated cream moisturizes and nourishes the skin than usual.

If you want to make a hot manmkyur home remedy that you choose, whether it is a lotion, cream or oil, have warmed in a water bath. After that, the vessel with the means dip your fingers for 20-30 minutes. If you like it, and you decide to do the procedure regularly, it makes sense to buy a special electric bath to a nail shop. Their comfort in the fact that in addition to the heating means to a certain temperature, the bath support it the right amount of time, and the oil is cold.

According to numerous customer reviews, it can be concluded that after the hot manicure hand skin soft and smooth, and the nail plostina thick and shiny, and most importantly – your nails grow faster. You can forget about brittle nails, burrs and growth cuticle.

If you will regularly perform this procedure, your skin will be hydrated, well-groomed, flexible, and as a result – completely fade fine lines and cracks! And as for those who are constantly working with the computer, such baths will not only improve the skin, but also snyatb stress and fatigue from his fingers.

So, I said I knew about the procedure. You just have to try and make your own conclusions.

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