home manicure

home manicureManicure – a set of procedures for the care of hands.
They say that the eyes – a mirror of the human soul, and his hands – his business card (this idea came up manicure). And it is not in vain. The hands are almost always in sight, and sometimes they say a lot about its owner. In the 21st century, the lack of female hands manicure is a huge disadvantage, and men too follow the cleanliness of hands. Enough just opokryt nail varnish to get the perfect manicure to go through a whole range of procedures. In this article I want to fully disclose the details and step by step the secrets to creating the perfect manicure, using available materials. You can easily make yourself a manicure at home by following our guide.
I will not describe all the tools for a manicure at home – on this matter, we already have an article. Skip to procedures.
To start, decide the nail if it’s paint (especially fashionable in this season of bright colors), be sure to think about the basis of a varnish to prevent pigmentation of the nail.

Before the procedure, disinfect hands and tools. This is a required step, even if you use individual tools. Clean the nails from the remnants of the previous application. We recommend to use this tool to remove the acetone-free nail polish (not to harm the nail plate). After that, give your nails the desired shape – better make it a nail file, as in cutting with scissors free edge delamination often appears plate. Natural nails suggest that you nail file with small abrasiveness, such as paper-based. How to choose the right form of nails, you can also read in this article. After that get buff (sawing a rectangular shape with high abrasion) and nail polish, and carefully scrape off dead cells of the skin around the nail (only without fanaticism – a couple of movements and that’s enough.)
After that stick out of the orange tree (if not, you can replace the spatula) move the cuticle, and apply a means to soften for a few minutes. After this, take a warm bath solution of water, soap and sea salt, and dip the fingers in there for 3-5 minutes. During this procedure, finally softens cuticles and fingers rested and energized.
Pull the hands of the bath, blot with a tissue or towel, and massage your fingers lightly on the tips of palm, stimulating circulation, and rubbing nourishing hand cream with. Take the pliers or special nail scissors and carefully cut the cuticles. This is quite a jewelry process that requires special attention, especially if you are new. The cut must move smoothly, not abruptly, scissors should be kept parallel to the finger, so as not to damage the skin, and do not cut too much. If you do make the wound – treat with disinfectant.
The treated skin, apply cuticle oil to the skin did not dry quickly and do not Grubel. After the cleaning procedure, clean the nails from the remnants of cream and oil by using nail polish remover – you need to bear a coating evenly and well dried out.
Nogtiki to apply foundation under the lacquer. Its main purpose – to protect against the harmful effects nail varnish pigmentation, and smooth the surface of the plate for a perfect coverage. All that now remains small – to cover the nail varnish. This is done simply – the girls from childhood to master this art. With a brush gently removed over the edge of the bottle, then smooth movement from the cuticle to the free edge of the nail varnish is applied. Try to do it fast precise movements to paint from drying out in the process. The paint is applied in two layers (for saturated colors). If paint gets on your skin – it does not matter, take ear sticks, dip in paint strippers and orderly movement of the nail remove oversight. Now, for these purposes will sell special paint pen, which performs the same function.

Final Touch – fixative lacquer coat, through which paint lasts longer, and nails shine even more. This is how easy it is to achieve the perfect manicure. The entire procedure should be repeated every 2 weeks (not more), but the coverage may change – you simply remove the remnants of paint and starting from the base under the lacquer repeat the procedure

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