Home body wraps and baths

homemade body wrapBath for the feet or hands with aromatherapy – an incredibly useful procedure. In the prevention and treatment of many diseases is Aromatherapy is the most affordable and effective method. The most common bath with aromatherapy tools will help to remove fatigue, nerves, stress, normalize sleep and regain composure. If you make the inhalation with the introduction of components of essential oils through the skin, you get a vasodilator, tonic and sedative effect. Mandatory procedure in the care of their feet they are an contrast baths (5 minutes in hot water for 10 minutes in cold water, with the addition of essential oils, salt and herbs). With tired legs, edema, and severity of foot baths hyperhidrosis are good help. To prepare the bath for the feet in the home need 5-6 drops of essential oil should be thoroughly mixed with 50 g of milk and pour this mixture into a container with water. This is because essential oils are not soluble in water, and it will remain a film on the surface of the water if it is not mixed up with this “emulsifier” (they can be bran, cream, whole milk). If the undiluted oil gets on sensitive skin – it can cause irritation. The ideal water temperature – 36-38 ° C, taking a bath should be 10-15 minutes.

Oil hand wraps provide a remarkable effect in the complex for skin care. For him the use of such oils as: sesame, grape, almond, olive. Add one of the essential oils – and the effectiveness of the procedure increase. If you need to heal chapped skin – use benzoin, if you want a calming effect – use lavender, chamomile, lemon balm, to refresh your tired hands and whiten skin – use lemon. The procedure is quite simple – to smear the skin with oil, put on top of x / b gloves, and on top of plastic wrap. Keep for 30 minutes.

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