Hand Care

Hand CareHand Care – a very important part of the daily struggle for beauty and youth! In this article I want to give you some tips, as well as offer you some recipes for masks and creams to nail his own cooking.
Let’s start with the Soviets.
1) Do not use nail polish remover tools that contain acetone. It is very dry the nail plate, resulting in yellowing and delamination
2) If you have a yellowed nails – lubricate the plate with a piece of lemon. This not only makes them lighter, but also give feedingvitamins.
3) Acceptance of food containing gelatin (jelly, aspic) promotes the growth and strengthen nails. But do not overdo it – remember,everything is fine in moderation.
4) When performing work related to water and chemicals – alwayswear gloves.
5) Wash your hands better than water at room temperature.Because of the cold water the skin becomes stiff and begins to peel off, and very hot water degreases skin, leaving it dry and rough.

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