Foot Fungus

Foot FungusFungus – a very serious disease. It affects the nail plate, skin of the feet or hands. The most annoying thing is that it can “buy” in the bath, pool, gym, shower or getting dressed stranger shoes. If in the case of shoes, you can be safe and always wear only their own, in other cases, no one is safe.
The nail, struck mycosis, change the color and thickness, kroshitschya begins and ceases to be transparent. The longer you do not treat it, the more spoiled and utoschaetsya nail plate is destroyed and the disease goes into other areas of the body. Onychomycosis is often accompanied by burning sensation, itching. The treatment process is very long, and in this difficult matter in addition to medications prescribed by your doctor, you can take advantage of people’s means.
Here are a few common folk treatments for this disease.
1) Propolis.
Propolis – a versatile substance. It has a strong antifungal activity, is also an antipruritic, anti-inflammatory, anesthetic and healing agent. How to use: a cotton swab dipped in 20% alcohol tincture of propolis on a daily basis handle the damaged nail. Over time, the patient is no longer the nail, and a healthy regrowth.
2) Egg-acetic acid ointment.
This cream will not only help you to cure foot fungus, but also save you from cracks in the feet and itching.
Method of preparation is simple: in a jar lozhite 200 grams of butter, lozhite whole egg and pour 100 grams of 70% acetic acid (to cover the egg). Gently, without stirring, close the jar with a lid and place not a week in the fridge (as long as the shell does not dissolve the egg). Then carefully stir a lot. Apply to the damaged areas twice a day. Store in refrigerator.
3) Treatment with Kombucha.
Blend until Kombucha pulp, and rub into the affected skin 2-3 times a day. At night, make a tray of potassium permanganate, and after a compress of this infusion of old tea fungus. To do this, moisten it, and dress socks on his feet, wrap with plastic wrap on top. You can also apply to the skin plate tea fungus, fixing them with a bandage, top dress socks. In the morning wash the skin with warm water without soap, nail smear with iodine. There is a possibility of pain during the procedure, but the result did not take long. Depending on the degree of neglect fungus treatment will last from one week to a month.

Treated, and remember – most importantly health!

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