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Особенности ухода за кожей рук

To have beautiful hands, you must take care of them, picking up beautiful varnish and making manicure. However, this is not enough, because the beauty of the hands and depends on the condition of the skin. Forgetting to give it due consideration, we would one day notice on it a lot of ugly wrinkles. The fact is that a skin of hands regularly exposed to the negative influence of various external factors. So, premature aging and appearance of pigment spots contribute to the rays of sun, frost and wind. Regularly use soap, detergent powders and other cleaners, we обезжириваем the skin of the hands, because it is quickly becoming wrinkled and sagging.

In order to prevent the emergence of problems described above, the experts advise women to eat correctly. Vitamin D, calcium, iron and proteins entering the body in the right quantities, will help the skin of your hands quickly recover and always be beautiful. The data of the substance contained in eggs, fresh salads, milk, fruit, grain, bread and vegetables. Eating correctly, you must not periodically and regularly. So, booking hotels in Krasnoyarsk price which is known for its democratic character, and going on vacation, don’t forget about the healthy food.

The Horny layer of the skin of our hands is constantly updated. To the regeneration process is not stopped, the skin should receive adequate amounts of moisture and fat. Note that care for hands – an easy task, not consuming a lot of time and effort. So, women should use various creams, moisturizing the skin and compensating the loss of fat. These tools are useful for hands, because they contain a variety of vitamins, herbal extracts and oils, and apply them for 1-2 minutes.

Remember that hands should be thoroughly wipe after contact with water. The longer your skin is wet, the stronger it is dehydrated. By the way, from the harsh and cold water it deteriorates faster than warm. Sparing your hands, try to use only a mild soap. Even if your hands dirty, do not RUB them very much. In this situation it is better to use special cosmetics or lemon juice, a small number of which it is necessary to moisten dirty places.

Experts also recommend that the ladies at least once a week to indulge hands healing baths with sea salt, as well as infusion of mint, sage and lime blossom. To soften the skin is useful whey, and broth of potatoes or sauerkraut juice.

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