Essential oils hand: aromatic, nice and helpful

Эфирные масла для рук: ароматно, приятно и полезно

Essential oils for the skin of the hands and nails are excellent tools. They help in solving many problems (dry, loose skin, cracked, eczema) and suited to many.

To convince somebody of useful properties of aromatic oils do not have to: all long known that these oils are used in cosmetic and medical purposes very successfully. Especially a lot of rave reviews about the ability of these tools to improve the condition of skin. If we are talking about a skin of hands, she just needs permanent care, since constant contact with the water, cold, chemicals and other substances do the trick: hands gradually lose their attractive appearance, unpleasant sensations of tightness, dryness or, on the contrary, excessive sweating of the palms. Also, special attention should be paid to the nails, because without proper care, they become brittle, ugly, and a good manicure can be forgotten.

The power of smell

The advantage of using essential oils is the associated procedures aromatherapy. And as you know, pleasant aromas play a big role in a good mood and wellbeing. They even affect his subconscious, causing inexplicable feeling of pleasure. So, for example, there are pheromones that can not only cause the sympathy, but even fall in love with its «carrier». Thus, it turns out that hand care with essential oils is not only locally, directly on the skin and nails, but also improves the condition of the person at a General level: uplifting, soothing or invigorating.

Эфирные масла для рук: ароматно, приятно и полезно

What: what problems will help specific oil

It is important not to simply apply the oil recipe, but also to understand what tool will help you in a certain situation, and what – not. So, the oil of chamomile, lavender or Melissa is well suited to those who face the consequences of allergies in her arms. To recover and supply of loose skin need to choose the means of Mandarin, grapefruit, juniper, rosemary, geranium or yarrow. Tea tree oil, lemon and cinnamon can help get rid of such formations, as warts or corns. When the cracks are applied means having a softening effect – this is an extract of patchouli and sandalwood. It is worth noting that the oils are used not only for cosmetic effect, but also for the treatment of many skin diseases, including eczema. Cope with its manifestations on the skin to help the means of sage, geranium, patchouli, Jasmine, fennel.

Essential oils are an excellent means to care for your hands and nails. They are available, easy to use and can be combined with other components to the baths and masks. In addition, combined with aromatherapy, this is a great option not only for skin care, but also to uplift your mood.

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