Dry and brittle nails – what to do?

Many women face the problem of brittle and dry nails. Very often the nail plate layers, this suggests that the nail is not a healthy condition. Because of such problems nails grow very slowly.

Health nail certainly affected by your age, but there are factors determining brittle and dry nail:

– use of the removers more than once a week;

– glut of moisture. Prolonged hands in the water can lead to dry nails;

– use of chemicals without gloves;

– improper opilivanie nails, they exfoliate. The nails should be cut glass nail files from the edges to the center;

– lack in the body of minerals and vitamins. Common cause of weak nails – the lack of calcium;

– violation of the thyroid gland, due to this serious problem nails become dry and brittle.

Prevention and treatment of dry and brittle nails

In the treatment of weak nails all the experts advise to apply strengthen the means for nails. They most certainly strengthen nails, but only at the top, and the cause of the problem is not eliminated.

Here are some tips that may help you avoid problems with dry and brittle nails:

– tool for removing the varnish use no more than once a week. Such funds should not be on the basis of acetone. To within a week your manicure and not spoiled, case design закрепителями.

– always wear gloves while performing domestic work (cleaning the sink, washing dishes, washing of floors, and others). With prolonged contact with water and chemicals, hand skin and nails are destroyed.

– carefully follow the processing of nails. To do this, use any metal nail files. During the procedure, follow the movement in one direction.

– eat right, enter the foods in your diet with calcium, iron and protein. You can take vitamins and special supplements.

– not to hurt the nails, consult your doctor. It is possible that the dryness and brittleness of nails is a reflection of the diseases of internal organs.

To the problem of dry and brittle nails must be treated very seriously. It all depends on your desire to help your body cope with this problem. A little care and your nails will become a model of health and beauty.

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