Cracked nail: what to do

Треснул ноготь: что делать

Beautiful and healthy nails are one of the values women. In order to preserve the beauty of nails the fair half of mankind spend a lot of time and money. Not the last place various measures to restore the integrity of the nail plate. Damage and cracks nail – common problems, and they were each. There are several methods for elimination of cracks on the nail, which is necessary for all to know.

First aid!

Crack, regardless of the length of the nail, always uncomfortable (clings, tears tights, pain). When this problem is to perform a repair manicure using some of the materials:

  • liquid varnish remover;
  • wadding;
  • nail files , nail for natural nails 240 grit;
  • special cream;
  • nail scissors;
  • the tassel;
  • buff (buffer);
  • silk for repair of nails;
  • decorative lacquer for noguti.

All these materials can be purchased at any computer store, if in your village, there are no such use services of Internet shops.

What to do if cracked nail? To do repair work!

  1. Remove the old cover with your fingernail.
  2. Treat nail antiseptic, to avoid contamination, if injured skin and bleeding.
  3. To start a nail file or buff need to level the surface cracked nail that the surface was very smooth. During this process, you pay attention to the location of the crack!
  4. Take specialized adhesive and well coated with the crack and leave to dry.
  5. Take the silk fabric, cut the necessary piece, separate from the framework and put in place the cracks. All too much to cut.
  6. Printed adhesive to surface later became smooth.
  7. Dry nail Polish a polisher.
  8. Pick up the Polish under manicure or Perekrest all the nails.

Such repairs can be done if the crack was formed with the edge of the nail, along the growth of the nail, on the side or across so to speak a universal type of repair. Quality work over the crack will give the opportunity to grow up healthy nail, subsequently, to straighten nails all under one.

First aid outside the home

There was a crack on the nail! Not always have the opportunity to go to the salon and get an appointment to a specialist. There are moments when you are far outside the city or on the important event and with the crack we need to do something. For a start, make it a habit to constantly carried in a purse transparent nail Polish. Emergency repair of: cleaning the place cracks, coat of clear nail Polish (you can use stationery adhesive), any piece of white cloth, drying, polishing and varnishing. This will prevent the increase of crack at night and wait for stationary repair of the nail.

These kinds of repair nail suitable not only for natural nails, and for accrued.

Tricks of the trade when repair work tresci nail

Треснул ноготь: что делатьNot always have on hand a special material, but come to the aid of improvised means. For example: instead of silk fabrics suitable paper from tea bags or tracing paper, make salt baths for rapid growth of nails, do not use any glue for gluing tissue, not the case cracked bright nail varnish, will be visible flaws!

There are different kinds of cracks and if your nail cracked, and the crack is constantly increasing, it is necessary to visit a salon master. These various options for repair of the nail will only help to await the visit to a specialist.

To help cracked nail will come bio-gel, which is poured place cracks along with the entire nail. Protective coating will prevent damage of a new nail and will not allow the fissure to increase.

Please note, if the nails are cracked very rarely is an accident, if it happens all the time – you need to find out the reason. Fragility and constant cracking of the nail plate means health problems, immune system, endocrine, low hemoglobin, lack of vitamins, digestive disorders) and do not delay a visit to the doctor.

The beauty of the hand – permanent work and care. Don’t forget to use safety equipment and keep your nails in good condition!

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