Comprehensive care for hands from TM Cristal

Innovative hand care, natural nails and cuticle from TM Cristal allows achieving excellent results with any condition of the skin and nails. In each tool are active ingredients of biotechnological origin – the vast know-how to care for your hands. The funds are not just mask, and also to solve the problem of thin, dry and brittle nails, moisturize and cuticle care.

1. Disinfect antiseptic and remove the paint.

2. Flavored raspberry peel thanks microspheres and complex Aha acids gently removes dead skin cells and impurities, regulates the process of regeneration and rejuvenation of the cells in the epidermis. Your skin becomes smooth, velvety and light.

Z. using The gel for removal of cuticles with a powerful moisturizing factor gently remove dead skin cells cuticle.

4. For nail care use a variety of products.

Professional files to quickly and efficiently achieve the desired shape of the free edge of the nail. Thanks to the grinding and the polishing of the parties to the bilateral polisher some subtle movements remove small defects of the nail plate and gives you a mirror Shine.

Intense moisturizing for nail – a new direction in the care of nails to fight their dryness and fragility attached by nails healthy appearance, restoring its elasticity. Укрепитель for natural nails restores, tightens, protects, nourishes the nail plate and prevents its fragility. Nourishing oil for nail and cuticle provides a unique combination of nourishment and rejuvenation of the nail and cuticle, stimulate the growth of nails.

5. Save the skin of the hands of the young and beautiful is intended to intensive care. Фитоактивная rejuvenating serum struggling with pigment spots, brightens the skin of the hands and stimulates rejuvenation processes, and energy mask for hands with active complex GP4G activates all the «dormant» processes in skin cells.

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