Classification of nails

Bath for handsClassification of nails
1) Ideal (solid, solid, but retain the natural flexibility, with a smooth surface and natural light pink color). Need to take care of them regularly, rasp, to use all sorts of protective equipment (such as smart enamel and etc.), do not forget to apply foundation for the paint – you’ll spend more time on manicures, but the result will be good.
2) Good (nails, and seems to be good, but occasionally break down and otslaivayutsya. These nails are usually an indication that either your body is not enough calcium, or they are influenced by excessive water and chemical stredstv. Need to look after them as well as and for the ideal plus to give them a regular feeding (drinking calcium, vitamin smearing creams and oils), and be sure to wear gloves when in contact with any liquids.

3) The bad – in this section there are three options (although, maybe more :)).

The first option – soft and brittle nails, they can not grow. The reason – lack of vitamins and minerals in your food, or the result of some past diseases, exhausting the body. These nails are common in women after pregnancy and lactation – Baby Mama takes a lot of nutrients.
In this case, you need to drink vitamins, do restorative bath with special tools and special coatings to protect your nails with nylon fiber.

The second option – brittle and dry. No light, no elastic, breaking … Again, the lack of nutrients – the body does not feed matrix – and therefore lifeless nails. To restore them to have a lot of money – paraffin, moisturizingcreams and oils to nourish and cuticle softening, oil bath.

The third option – the nails are thick and stiff. They look very unattractive, and these nails should be treated.There can be several: the most common – a fungus. In this case, you should see a doctor, mycologist (fungustreatment alone is not recommended). The second option – atherosclerosis. And eesche one – a glut of nailsubstance, such as sremny kaltsiy.Pomimo and treatment to a specialist, you will need a regular rasp and polishthose nails.

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