Beautiful nails at home

Красивые ногти в домашних условиях

Did you know that for the content of their nails in a tidy condition is not necessary to visit salons manicure? A great manicure can be done at home and if you want you can learn and technology of building nails, moreover, it is quite simple, but will help to save not only time but money.

For nail in the home is better to choose a gel base. First, it doesn’t stink, unlike acrylic. Secondly, gel build-up looks on nails is more natural and more refined, although acrylic stronger. The most basic escalating of nails at home is sticking tips, however, the duration of wearing them in this case is three to ten days, while gel build-up requires adjustment every three weeks.

So, for build-up gel you will need to buy a special set. Such sets are sold in the specialized stores, they have a special lamp for curing gel, paper substrates, brush, you also need to purchase other necessary accessories, such as nail files, glitter – here all depends on what manicure you prefer, bright painting or strict French. Maybe the first couple times you will be not very easy to do a build-up for themselves, and it will take you a long time, but soon you приловчитесь. In front of the building is desirable to bring order to the base of the nail, process cuticle. Also worth considering that for the full capacity need at least minimal length of your nails, to have a hold on sticky notes and gel.

Having defined the desired form of nails, glue special labels appropriately and apply a gel brush, don’t try to do perfectly straight, still have to Polish filing. After the application of dry nails under the lamp, then apply another layer of gel and, if necessary, apply and the third layer. When it hardens – carefully remove the sticker and begin to grind nails nail file, making them smooth and taking away all unnecessary things. After the nails will acquire a desired shape, cover them with a special substance, the basis under manicure. Thanks to her nails will Shine, regardless of whether you decide whether to be varnished. Now you should decide how you want to decorate their nails and will do it at all. Plenty of ideas for a full manicure at home presents the

By selecting a particular manicure, do not forget that it should be in harmony with your clothes and your way.

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