Aromatherapy – what shall it profit?

aromatherapy handYou want to have a clear, strong, shiny and fast-growing nails? Then 15-20 minutes before applying polish to the nail plate, apply blend of essential oils on it and roll around, and it is easy to rub. In the base oil (almond, olive or jojoba oil) for 3 to add a firming oil. For example, lavender, lemon, eucalyptus (2:1:1); and lemon ilangilang (1:1), patchouli, rosemary, chamomile blue (2:1:2), lavender andthyme (2-1).

If you have a fungus – Use oil with antiseptic and antimikroticheskimi properties. The leader is, of course, the well-known tea tree oil. The peculiarity of this oil is that it can drip points on the skin undiluted. It is also usedagainst fungal Tui oil, clove, sage, myrtle, lavender and thyme.
Treatment of fungal infections is a very long process and requires perseverance and patience. At home, you must repeat the procedure 2 times a day until the skin is completely normal, and the nails become thick itsnatural shape and color. Upon reaching the desired result – a treat nails once a day for 1-2 months.



Influence of aromatherapy on the nails.

  •  Essential oils of lemon and rosemary help to improve nutrition and blood supply to the nail. Usage: clean nail plate with soap, wipe your hands, drop a drop of oil on each nail and spread it with a light rubbing. The oil soaksinto the pores of the nail plate and restores its elasticity and strength.
  • Essential oil of lavender helps to balance the metabolic processes in the matrix (nail growth zone). Can also be used for irregular pigmentation of the nail – it helps restore a healthy shade of nail.
  • A mixture of oil and lemon ilangilanga, along with jojoba oil and wheat germ are used to remove brittle nails. Usea drop of oil on each nail, and they will be flexible and moisturized.
  • If you have a coarse and dry skin around the nail – ilangilanga add oil to the base cream or oil-based, and process a mixture of each nail roller.
  • For scratches, cracks, nail bed inflammations make headbands with jojoba oil and lemon. These oils acceleratethe healing process, and have an antiseptic property.
  • If you have even the most dubious suspicions that you have a fungus – just use the essential oils of eucalyptusand tea tree.


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