Nails Care

How to remove the cuticle at home

Как правильно удалить кутикулу в домашних условиях

Manicure has become an integral part of care for every woman. With her hands always remain beautiful and most importantly healthy. The basic steps of manicure is aimed at the care of the nail plate and the cuticle. Today we will discuss how to properly care for cuticles at home.


Causes of nail diseases

Причины заболеваний ногтей

Disease and the deterioration of the appearance of the nails can be caused by multiple painful process, accompanied by failures in work of various systems of the body.

Nail fungus – prevention and treatment

Грибок на ногтях - профилактика и лечение

Fungal infection of the toenails is not only an aesthetic discomfort, but also can serve as the impetus for the development of allergies and asthma, the appearance of warts and herpes. Advanced cases are accompanied by inflammation of the mucous membranes, conjunctivitis, chronic lymphadenitis and Lyell’s syndrome.


Peeling – secrets of the composition and execution features

Peeling of the skin of the arms or legs is not that widespread in beauty salons. But thanks to her, the skin becomes silky and soft, eliminates dryness and exfoliation, even color. What other secrets and opportunities fraught with peeling?

Cracked nail: what to do

Треснул ноготь: что делать

Beautiful and healthy nails are one of the values women. In order to preserve the beauty of nails the fair half of mankind spend a lot of time and money. Not the last place various measures to restore the integrity of the nail plate. Damage and cracks nail – common problems, and they were each. There are several methods for elimination of cracks on the nail, which is necessary for all to know.

White spots on nails: causes

Белые пятна на ногтях: причины появления

Experts say that our nails are a reflection of the inner state of health. Probably everyone has seen on nails white spots (in the form of strips, as circles). This phenomenon there are different interpretations – a sign of good luck, lack of vitamins, health problems, and some even care. Why spots appear on the nail plate and how to get rid of them?

How to make a manicure at home

Как сделать маникюр в домашних условиях

Sometimes it happens that there is absolutely no possibility of visiting the nail salon and nails are already in pretty poor condition. It is at such moments a large number of girls begin to think about how to have a beautiful well-groomed hands, not wasting almost no funds.


The structure of nails nail service

Структура ногтей в ногтевом сервисе

Structure and features of the nail to nail masters – it is the alphabet initial stage of the formation of a professional. This knowledge is necessary to provide high quality service, as well as for treatment and recovery of nails.

Nails is not only a plate protecting the tips of his fingers intended for lacquering. Just remember that primitive people with the help of this «tool» to earn their food from under the earth. The nails were important for survival, for their strength, both then and now reflects the health of the entire body. Smooth, brilliant, one-colour and with pink nails – the sign of a healthy person.

The beauty of a woman’s hands and nails

Красота женских рук и ногтей

Our life is in full swing and we the women always want to look great. Especially it concerns the hands that first show our attitude to themselves, and that they did not let us down, there are several options for maintaining youthful hands and nail salon.

All the women try to preserve their youth and beauty, and skin of the hands, no less attention is paid. They immediately give us when we forget them spread cream, or make a dish, and if you could not pay due attention to the nails, all. Having met a handsome knight, will have to hide his eyes, because to stretch out his hand to kiss will be impossible.

How to choose a cream for hands

Как выбрать крем для рук

Be sensitive to the choice of cosmetics for hand care must be carefully and to the selection of the cream for the face, neck, and body. Hands are always on the mind, and their condition may hide the woman’s age, and underline it. Any lady knows that the charm and beauty of this part of the body is an important component of appearance in General.