Types of gel systems

Types of gel systemsWidely used color gels – due to the fact that its use does not need a nail polish. That is, you can paint your nails with any color, then remove it – and once again gain the nail color selected for correction.

Gel systems are divided into three types: one-or two-and three-phase. Phase explains the word in different ways, in this case is the stage of building.

The first phase – that provides the best grip synthetic material with the natural nail. You can either use specialized materials (bondeksy, primers) or the gel itself already involves adhesion molecules.

The second phase is responsible for structuring the nail on the form or tips.

The third phase – a hardening of the gel, making it smooth and glossy surface.

In fact, when you create a regular manicure uses the same three phases – the base paint, colored varnish and hardener. Phase gel – contains only the second phase. The adhesive and hardener is applied separately. It is often used for clients with highly sensitive skin, and weak, brittle nails. He has three degrees of viscosity, medium viscous (F), and super sticky (FF).

The two-phase gel usually contains adhesive and construction.Finish gloss is applied in addition.

The three-phase gel contains three of the gel, each of which performs its function. The difference between these gels is the technology building. If you build on the tips – you fit one and two-phase gels – there is a base coat first helps to ensure a better bond with your fingernail, and the second fixing, gives shine.
If you build on the forms – you’re better off using a three-phase system. You will be much easier and more convenient.

No matter what you use gels – always remember that there are three major layers – the base, constructed and fixing. With skillful use of all of you get!

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