sterilization of instruments

sterilization of instrumentsIn this article, I want to raise a very important issue – the safety of clients and artists. Tools (scissors, sticks, tongs) are subject imnogorazovogo use, and can carry a heavy illness. Therefore the duty of every master to ensure their proper treatment. Ideal – autoclave (sterilizer thermal), and UV sterilizer for storage of finished tools. And this raises another question – what to do with saws and buffs – they can not be in an autoclave. Masters’ opinions diverge. The first option – a separate blade for each customer, which is stored in a signed box. The second option – use disposable nail file and given to the customer after the correction, and its cost is included in the total cost of services. Both options are essentially perfect. In case, if the master wants to save money on supplies, nail file can be washed with soap and water, put in a UV sterilizer, then soaked in a disinfectant solution (a big draw batsilol, solution Samarovka 3% veltoseptom), and then another process antifungal spray.

sterilization of instrumentsIn general, everything is clear. Let’s take a closer look now at the thermal sterilizers. San epidemic station is very welcome presence of old autoclaves. But to get them is not easy, so this is a modern replacement. This – Glasperlenovy (ball) sterilizer. The main advantages of this device is that it is very rapidly heated to 200-250 degrees, and by glass beads in the flask for a long time holding temperature. You can quickly (10-20 seconds) to process all the metal tools. You can be sure that such treatment will kill any unwanted germs, including the AIDS virus and geppatita C. Before being placed in the sterilizer instrument, it must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, and then plunge into the crucible. You can perform this procedure right for the client (which is incredibly boost his confidence in you as a master) because the processing time of 10-20 seconds. Monitor the device is simple – keep it clean in a heated room at +5 – +38 degrees Celsius, periodically check the integrity of the network cable.

sterilization of instrumentsUV sterilizers are often made ​​up of the camera (the drawer), in which the tool is placed. Inside the chamber, the special reflectors can simultaneously handle a comprehensive tool. The advantage of modern ultraviolet cameras are complete isolation, that is UV rays do not penetrate beyond the device, without having any negative impact on the client or on the master. Also a big plus is the automatic shut-off when you open the camera and switch after closing. In this sterilizer can handle all kinds of tools – saws, buffs, wooden sticks, etc. The downside is that the UV sterilizer only kills bacteria and fungi, and the AIDS virus and geppatita Since it has no harmful effects.

No matter you are a beginner or a professional in the business – do not neglect the processing tools, it can lead to serious consequences for both you and your customers. Do not be lazy to spend a few minutes of your time for sterilization and disinfection. I hope that this article will help you to choose the methods of disinfection and treatment tools.

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