Shellac coating

Shellac coatingNowadays, a lot of options for nail care. You can either build artificial nails and strengthen natural. You can have a perfect manicure, without harm to the natural nail plate. The first, but not a small step in this direction was a unique lacquer called Shellac.

Shellac can be described as a mixture of gel and polish, is odorless and does not contain harmful substances such as toluene, formaldehyde and dibutyl phthalate. But this is not the main advantage of shellac, who saw the women of the world.

The main charm of this type of nail, which incorporates the very best quality, include:
1) coated with shellac does not require cutting of the top layer of your nails;
2) Shellac is applied with a brush, and dries in a few minutes (you will need to cure shellac UV lamp). The fact that the varnish hardens under a UV lamp, a manicure can make a perfect surface;
3) The paint does not significantly increase the weight and thickens the nail, not lubricated and does not peel off, the surface is smooth and shiny, like a nail polish.
4) One of the most important – shellac does not harm the nail plate, it can be used regularly without interruption.

We have shellac and a little less – cover your nails this facility only in beauty salons. But it does not disadvantage name – lead you in the hands of an experienced professional who will do the procedure in accordance with all manufacturer’s recommendations. Thanks to the experienced spray paint will hold on as long as possible without losing the beauty and form. In case, if you decide to put yourself shellac, without the technology, you run the risk of sticking nails, and quickly cracked surface.

How to apply gel lacquer?

To properly make coated with shellac, you will need: a base coat (base), Shellac and fixer. Ideally, all components must be one company – the manufacturer, in this case, Shellac cnd. If you combine components from different manufacturers, you are likely to get a desired result.

Phased sign for how to apply shellac:
– Using nail files nails attach the desired length and shape (cutting of the top layer of the nail plate is not necessary);
– With antibacterial Scrub Fresh Clean the surface of the nail;
– Apply to the nail base (base) with a thin layer, and dried in the tube (about 10 seconds);
– Cover the base color, fix the lamp for 2 minutes for the perfect color to apply two layers;
– Fixer inscribed to cover all sectors, and well sealed edge of the nail (carefully promazhte brush end, passing on the inside);
– Prepare spondzh with Cool Blue, and remove them to a sticky layer.

Perfect manicure with Shellac ready!

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