No light-sensitive gels

No light-sensitive gelsNo light-sensitive gels become hard very different way. They harden when exposed to the activating composition, or by soaking in water.Such a gel – a thick, viscous cyanoacrylate monomer. The substance seems more on the glue is applied to the nail, or a brush (a nail), or directly from the tube spread a thin layer but also the entire surface of the nail.

After applying a catalyst on the surface drip – and the substance hardens. The catalyst is applied or brush, or sprayed with the spray.There is also a gel that hardens on contact with water. At the heart of hardening of the gel is a chemical reaction of two substances.This combination of drugs does not require a “drying” of the lamp because the light-sensitive and can not name.

Pros such gels is that they can be used independently, and applied to the procurement of silk or fiberglass. Lining of silk or fiberglass, attached with glue, used already for 25 years. The achievements of recent years show that the use nesvetochuvstvitelnyh gels in combination with fiberglass or silk gives excellent results.

With this combination you will get an elegant strong and beautiful nails. Insert a fiberglass or silk laid between the first and second layer.

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