Nail craquelure

Frankly, even the most fanatical fan inconsistent speed nails done once a few years break. Yes, definitely need it. Give your nails a rest – always a positive effect on the nail plate. During this period, you can energize nogtiki various means. I myself thought that we ought to take a break. And naturally there was a major problem – now need to care for nogtikami, to design. Certainly, you can go to the salon. And I always sdelrzhival exactly this nuance. But! Recently discovered effect craquelure. Similarly – the effect I knew long ago, in the painting very often it is used to achieve a special effect paint cracking. But varnishes craquelure effect me, lover visiting a nail salon, somehow does not come across. Here then is what I did and decided to take a break.
List a few advantages in the use of crackle varnish. These are: to create a design so you can paint on the shortest nails in its use there is no difficulty – you can easily make the design of the house.
The word “craquelure” was originally French, and it means literally translated “small crack”, and this word perfectly fits the description of a miracle finish. With the crackle varnish can create amazing things that are almost impossible to do with a brush, and only in time is impossible. Crackle varnishes can not boast of a great range of colors, but that they did not need, and below I will explain why.

To create a design using nail polish crackle you need: nail-craquelure, varnish-base; lacquer coating and fixer.

The following stages will paint you apply paint with craquelure effect to create the perfect manicure.
1) Degrease nail plate to put the nail-base (to protect nogtik)
2) Apply the base coat (preferably lacquer base and lacquer craquelure were contrasting, then the effect will be noticeable)
3) Once dry, apply varnish crackle. That’s where you have to be accuracy. Apply crackle paint as close to the cuticle, to avoid unsightly indentation. Within 3-5 minutes varnish dries, of drying cracks forming small thickness. The thicker the layer of varnish, the more and thicker will crack. You can not apply varnish on the entire nail and strip diagonally. If you apply varnish crackle in several layers – poluchitsa crossing cracks, which is also very interesting looks. So feel free to experiment.
4) The resulting design cover layer of fixative to your masterpiece existed for as long as possible.

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