Manicure scissors

Manicure scissors are different from normal because they are small, very sharp and comfortable. In maniyukrnom set they occupy first place on the importance and usefulness. Sawing certainly can take some of the functions, but still indispensable scissors. For those who do not have them, and difficult to choose – look at types of nail scissors.

At the moment, a kind of scissors by the method of use and performance is very high.
Manicure scissorsScissors for cutting nails. This is a classic pair of scissors with straight or slightly curved blades. Before you buy, check them for strength – try to bend the blade. If you do not have any results – you can easily buy them. Ideally, try to cut a piece of the nail – if a little pair of scissors “zazhevyvayut” it is not worth taking them.

Scissors to remove the cuticle.
Manicure scissorsOutwardly, they differ from ordinary more elegant and neat execution, even superficially recalling his fine work. Best version of scissors – a long, sharp, thin blade and a very smooth ride. Check the quality is simple – try the air to open and close the scissors. If this procedure took place smoothly, without jerks – you can be sure you are happy with their work. They must also be placed conveniently in the palm of your hand. To test this quality just wear one ring on the middle or ring finger and the second at large. You should not feel uncomfortable.

Universal scissors.

They are suitable for any job – as a jeweler remove katikuly and the usual shortening of the nail. The undeniable advantage of this variety is its versatility and compactness. In the way you do not have to take two pairs of scissors. They usually have a thin slightly rounded top edge. Must be made of stainless steel with a medical antibacterial coating. In the eyes you are not able to determine – so in this matter rely on the labels on the packages.

Nail clippers, tweezers.

Manicure scissorsA distinctive feature of these scissors are special pens, springs, which are connected at the ends. When working with hand shears is much less fatigue. This configuration of scissors and smooth, airy stroke allow two fingers, and doing a very fine job. The blade of scissors in the same as that of the scissors to remove the cuticle (thin and slightly curved).

Do not mix with children’s scissors maniyukrnyke scissors – they are identical in size, but in children’s blade is sharp for safety.

In use, pay attention to the sharpness of the blades – if they are dull or undermine or replace. Using blunt scissors can lead to separation of nail plate. After each use, wipe them with alcohol, it would be safest for you and the tool will last longer.

Successful you are shopping, I hope this article will help you make the right choice!

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