Manicure at home

Manicure at home

A very important factor in creating manicure at home is the ability to prepare the workplace. On your desktop should be:

– A bowl (or a special bath for manicure, which is much more comfortable) with warm water, which you can add or Eau sea salt and a little shampoo.

– A small hand towel or plain paper napkin;

– Hand cream (or oil, gels – fits any moisturizer for hands)

– Thin cuticle nail scissors – used in processing the nail on the classical technology;

– Pusher (Cuticle nail cuticle and the release of the skin);

– Beveled blade (for cleaning the nail plate);

– Nail files;

– Also used a wooden stick of an orange tree (it is needed in the event that you are doing a European mill manicure, or if the nails are soft or children);

– A toothpick is widely prmeneniem, because with it you can use the glitter dot, or draw the fine details, or to mix a drop of paint is beautiful in different colors. If you wrap the tip of a toothpick a small piece of cotton wool – you can use it to remove paint from kutikulyizlishki, or use it as a small die. In figures, can be stamped points, petals, create a “grainy” effect of the picture. Manicurist used in these cases, a tool like DOTS;

– A large needle (Gypsy), and its use in painting, but do be careful not to scratch the nail plate. If you do not practice – at first use for this purpose a sharpened toothpick.

– Brushes for painting – they are sold not only in specialty stores, natural fit and squirrel brush to paint, cut to the desired thickness.With their help, runs fine drawing and detail drawing.
– The base paint

– The second varnish – similar in color to fonovumu, or combined with it;

– The contrasting paint (with respect to bazovumu)

– A contrasting color paint;

– You can use different materials in their nail art painting;
– Hardener or clear varnish – it aligns the surface of the nail, make it shiny, and protects your design from external damage.
The list is endless – because a great many instruments, and everyone chooses what it is simpler and more convenient to use.But with this basic list, you can already do some sort of design.

And yet – you need to learn to paint with both hands, so you can create on their nails design, the same on both hands

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