How to Choose Nail Polish

classic manicureHow to choose a nail polish.
I think that every woman who has ever enjoyed varnish, thought about its impact on nails. Brittle and yellow nails – are often the result of improper selection and use of nail polish. We all understand that no matter what company, no matter what color he was not – it’s artificial, chemical product.

If the paint expensive – it does not mean that it is qualitative. And in truth value practically does not affect the quality. For interest, an international association of ecologists has produced an interesting test. Taking the 20 most famous brands of lacquer in Europe, they analyzed the contents of the bottle. And what do you think? Only 7 out of 20 were assessed as good, 8 were considered low-quality lacquers, and were rated poorly (in their composition found softeners, which can cause direct harm to health).

An important property for which you should pay attention to when choosing a nail polish, is its durability.

If you want to paint does not peel off, kept for a long time, it must be dried for a long time. If you see an inscription on the lacquer “fast drying” – you have to understand that “oblezet” he as fast. Bad idea to dry the paint:
1) Dry nail dryer – a jet of hot air directed not only dries the paint, but also dilutes
2) Blowing in the paint – is not the best option, because of this it can become dull.
3) Sticking your hands under cold water – jet can disrupt the smoothness of the layer.

It is best to just wait longer and give it time to dry on their own.

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