Fraser Nail

Fraser NailIn this article I want to describe milling manicure, because they very quickly won a place in the “mandatory” manicure tools. This is a professional tool which allows the master to save the time spent on the client, as well as significantly expand the range of services.
Hardware manicure services most often used by people with a thin cuticle and dry ridges. It is also perfect for those who due to personal reasons, are afraid to do manicure. Cuticle softeners are also not suitable for everyone – there are people who have allergies they cause. The solution of these problems is the fraser (and of course the master who knows how to work properly :))
The range of such devices on the market is very wide. And the criteria by which the choice is too much – it’s reliability, capacity, frequency and speed (number of revolutions), weight, overall, a built-in vacuum cleaner (for dust absorption), the presence or absence of the pedal. One of the highlights is vazhnetsshih usability of the device, comfort, master, weight, and of course the appearance of the instrument (most of the manicure girls who love the beauty in everything with which they deal.)
Fraser NailFraser is very convenient to work, he is very versatile, and very time-saving wizard. You can: clean, remove pterygium, fix the length, file down the material before the correction, cut out air pockets and cracks. Perhaps you will not get everything at once – but fear not need the practice leads to perfection. And another tip, buy the nozzles are not many, but they must be very good quality (as a result – a high price). Then you can clean them yourself, but not infinitely cheaper to buy and throw away.
Skilled craftsmen in choosing a good Fraser advised to pay attention to:
1) Fraser should not be difficult;
2) The handle should not be heated (this will create discomfort to the master, and in rare cases, defective products, even burns);
3) The wires must be sturdy, as in professional hair dryers.
4) If you take the Fraser to work with acrylics – the frequency of rotation must be at least 25-30 thousand.
5) Fraser with a foot pedal is very easy to use – allows you to adjust the speed without being distracted from work.

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