Choose a nail file

Nail FilesIf you decide to engage in the processing of the nails yourself, then perhaps the first tool that you should buy – emery board (nail file in the nation). They cost quite inexpensive, so you can easily try all kinds to vybryat for themselves the best option. You should also bear in mind that your nail files from kachastvo directly depends on how accurately and quickly you make the desired processing of the nail plate. Low-quality blade can cause serious damage to the nail, even if you are a professional in this business.
Nail files come in different shapes, such as:
1) Oval
2) Nail – banana (Boomerang)
3) Block

By sostavau blade are:
-Abrasive on a soft base (it is convenient, but it goes down fast enough);
-Glass (handy, durable but brittle – beat in the fall);
-Ceramic (convenient, is not erased as the abrasive but fragile – beat in the fall)
As the material of which they are made:
1.Nazhdachnaya on a soft base
2.Steklyannaya, ceramic
3.Metallicheskaya (solid, but not suitable for the inconsistent speed of nails)

Also, nail files are divided into types of polishing, grinding, and opilivaem (for shaping)

Hardness (degree obrazivnosti) they are 80 to 400.

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