A few words on rhinestones

French manicure with stonesA few words about the rhinestones.
Crystals are called small stones that mimic precious or semiprecious stones. Swarovski stones are also used.This, of course, reflected in the price of a manicure.
Stones and crystals are a popular decoration for both the design with a pattern, and a source of “focus” for the French manicure or classic.
For the correct use of crystals and stones in the manicure business, you need to follow some rules.
1) That figure was not “nalyapistym” stones nkzhno uniformly disperse on all nails, or to focus on one nail, depicting a figure, or you can make the colors at midway floral pattern.
If desired, decorate nails at home you can buy them at any store with an assortment of products for nail art, or in the shops for cutting and sewing.
Glued on a layer of stones is not fully dried lacquer. Or for the best socks you can use a special glue. The interioris also coated with a layer of gel.

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