Master Classes

Master Class, the design number 2

Master Class, the design number 2

Step 1. Apply the gel layer on the nail (or any other locking cover) and on top of him lay out a layer of gold (silver can) tear-off foil.Short brush paint black paint flowers frame two, the line “smile”, and fill the remaining sites svobonye black paint. Step 2. Red paint, using the same brush, draws another line, “Smile”, only slightly below the fundamental. Step 3. Red acrylic paint midway draws flowers and leaves. Step 4. Using a short brush with green paint to add a few greenleaves, and with the help of black paint create a volume of flowers and leaves. Step 5. The resulting designs are covered by fixing the gel (or any other locking means) to our   Read more »

Master – class nail design number 1

Master class on nail design

Step 1. Paint your nails with white polish. Dry them. Put a layer oflight, and lay the lace on the free edge of the nail. Step 2. Take a long, thin brush and paint with black paint chaoticgeometric pattern, chotorye makes the nail plate, as it were”broken” like a mirror. Step 3. The resulting paint over paint the triangles of different colors(you can do as a random rainbow colors and choose the color of thedress or the accessories the client). It’s easier to dokinzhaloobraznoy brush. Try not to paint razelyayuschuyu line forclarity and beauty of the picture, but if you have not quite turned out -accurately podppravte line. Step 4. The same   Read more »

Crystal nails

crystal nails

Hands of women often attract the attention of the male half of humanity. Therefore, it is important for women to care for your hands properly. Nowadays, women work alongside men (and sometimes even more), and therefore does not always grow the nails of the desired length, and even harder to make sure that they did not break. Artificial nails became mega-popular procedure   Read more »

Master Class “Tropical exotic”

Master Class "Tropical exotic"

1). We perform the standard procedure of preparation of the hands of the master and the client to the modeling. Treat the nail adhesive(primer bond, a “double tape”). 2). Covers extension camouflage. It must be dried within 5-6 minutesin order to camouflage the gel has dried well, and when removing theforms from the back side there was no cut-outs and holes. 3. Remove the form and surface cleaner get rid of the dispersionlayer. Uniformly along the entire length opilivaem camouflage,making a clear line of smiles, create a step in acrylic (this is necessary in order to put the color denser near perfect smile, and make the desired thickness to stress – an area). 4. Puts the same   Read more »

Master Class “Stained glass geometry”

Master Class “Stained glass geometry”

To create this simple but extremely extravagant and cool design we need not many. Antiseptic, degreaser, the base and (or) basic gel, disposable forms, glitter, black acrylic paint. He created a very simple if you follow step by step sequence and have at least basic-skills in nail gel (well, a lamp that is a self-course)      

Master-class “patterns on the glass”

мастер-класс по акриловой лепке

Master class on acrylic molding Svetlana Kirichenko – “Patterns on Glass” This pattern is made by mixing technology uncured acrylic, acrylic stucco on the inside. The technology is similar to painting uncured varnish (when the polish fresh drops igotochkoy or divorces are made of DOTS, which form a pattern. It is important to do the job quickly, to acrylics was in raw form (not polymerize)

Master-class “Pattern Gzhel”

Master-class “Pattern Gzhel”

                          Step 1. We perform the standard steps of preparing the natural nail, zapilivaem and degreased.         Step 2. Transparent TIPS with shorter zone for gluing choose the form of nail and glue. Definable with the length, cut and opilivaem, remove the dust (1), degreased and causes the primer (2).     Step 3. Begin to create a design from the free edge. One turns to the other lay out a big ball of translucentpowder, then a smaller white, transparent back, the little blue and a very   Read more »

Master – class of “Winter’s Tale”

Master – class “Winter’s Tale”

To create this delicate, beautiful, I would say you need those artistic design basics of painting – in fact make a 4color tinting of this kind can not every newcomer, and a master without some training, too popoteet.   Allow the lacquer to dry for 5-10 seconds.       After that, draw some triangles from a large to small. This will be the basis for the trees.     White paint, put little dots on top of the triangle, and a dry brush to draw a point on the horizon until the end of the nail.   The result was an incredible design!

Master-class “Venetian vase”

Master-class “Venetian vase”

      To create this design you will need the standard tools that everyone has the master. His comfort in the fact that you can do it in gel technology, as in the acrylic.