Nail Design at home

Nail Design at home

With the help of available tools, such as a needle, a toothpick, brush or to straighten a paper clip, you can create a variety of point-like designs on the nails. As a result, you can create not only simple flowers, but the whole picture and portraits!

Below I will describe several options for getting beautiful pictures.

Dip your tool to the selected paint. Lightly touching the nail, apply a point. Their dimensions are governed by the thickness of the tool and the force pushing (for the choice of needles, do not forget that it can scratch the nail plate). To make a point approaching, dip the brush into the paint again and put a few points. Each time the paint will be less and less, respectively, the size of the dots, too, will go on decreasing.

The simplest flower is as follows: Put 5 points of one color, and a midway point of a different color.
If desired, Doris curved line of green paint – and get the stem.

When working with uncured points you can get rays, swirls, blur, color mixing.
For example, making a number of points and performing in a direction of each you get hearts, and “smearing” the point from the center of a whirlpool, or get the sun. Important! Using this technique, the points put on the main uncured varnish.
By putting many points across the plane of the nail and randomly smearing, we get a nice abstraction.

For more beautiful and complex flower, put a drop in both simple and “smear” them toward the center. If you use multiple colors and put “an end to the point” – get a gorgeous result. In the middle of a can be glued rhinestones and beads.

A very interesting result is obtained if we paint the two halves of different nail polishes, and then make a sharpened toothpick movement from side to side along the length of the nail. After drying varnish with glitter. The result – super! Experiment, and all you get!

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