Master Class “Stained glass geometry”

Master Class "Stained glass geometry"To create this simple but extremely extravagant and cool design we need not many. Antiseptic, degreaser, the base and (or) basic gel, disposable forms, glitter, black acrylic paint. He created a very simple if you follow step by step sequence and have at least basic-skills in nail gel (well, a lamp that is a self-course)




Master Class "Stained glass geometry"1) Treat the hands of the master and client antiseptic. Oodvigaem cuticle clean the natural nail 240 abrasive nail files, remove the pterygium. Double handle wafer surface cleaner to put the primer.




Master Class "Stained glass geometry"2) a thin layer (such as varnish) plaster base «Matrix»-gel. Keep the lamp 30 seconds.





Master Class "Stained glass geometry" 3) provides for a one-time form, using the geometric orientation. We provide free edge ekstraprochnym«Stretch»-gel (it is super durable and allows the nails of any length) .1 minute polimeriziruem in the lamp.



Master Class "Stained glass geometry"4) Draw a quadrilateral (a dry glitter interfere with the gel), dry them in the lamp 30 seconds.






Master Class "Stained glass geometry"

5) The sticky layer of acrylic paint to draw the contour of our quads, we fix the lamp 30 seconds.





Master Class "Stained glass geometry"6) coated with a thin layer of gel (conventional or protective), we again fix 30 seconds. Repeat the above several times to get the effect of multi-layer design.




Master Class "Stained glass geometry"7) Increase the thickness of Artificial nail in the lamp polimeriziruem 204 minutes. Remove the dispersion layer.





Master Class "Stained glass geometry"8 ) Opilivaem nails, creating the ideal shape, bafim. Twice degreaser cover and causes the finish – the gel.Polimeriziruem in the tube for 2 minutes. The design is ready!



Master Class "Stained glass geometry"

Technology has produced a step by step Natalia Golovina, a spokesman for CNI in Ukraine, NSI th Kiev, the instructor teacher technology incremented copyright of Bani, the participant should be of international competitions, infectious disease physician, Kiev.

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