Master-class “Spring Flowers”

Master-class "Spring Flowers"

Master-class "Spring Flowers"Step 1. As standard procedure to prepare the nail capacity.


Master-class "Spring Flowers"Step 2. Attach the form.




Master-class "Spring Flowers"Step 3. Make a thin substrate of a transparent gel, we carry outelongation of camouflage.


Master-class "Spring Flowers"Step 4. Prepare palette – choose the right color gels.


Master-class "Spring Flowers"Step 5. By double-swab technique (flat square brush, dip the edgein different colors and make a few strokes on the paper for mixing)white and green paint make the piece.


Master-class "Spring Flowers"Step 6. For dual-stroke carry flower bud white and redgelem.Seredinku sprinkle yellow and green sequins.

Master-class "Spring Flowers"Step 7. EnvelopeMessage opilivaem, zashlifovyvayut.


Master-class "Spring Flowers"Step 8. In random draws with acrylic paints (all the samedouble-stroke), a similar figure is closer to the nail bed.

Master-class "Spring Flowers"Step 9. With all the previously mentioned color + black make a detailed drawing of the green leaves.


Master-class "Spring Flowers"Step 10. Make a drawing of a black and green to get a 3D design.We cover the finish of the gel.

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