Master – class nail design number 9

Master - class nail designThe design is ideal for those who like black and white classicmanicure.
Step 1. Making the base. It is a white French manicure, the free edge should be thinner (between the free edge of the nail andshould be, how-to step). Create the smile line – the edge of festoonsof black acrylic.
Step 2. At the free edge of the white paint make vegetablepaintings. Make a short brush.
Step 3. The free edge of the transparent acrylic cover, nail polishand zapilivaem.
Step 4. To get the perfect smile line take DOTS, gold acrylic paintand draw a “garland” of points on the smile line. You can even putthe same aftograf kraskoy.Fiksiruem design a special coating.

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