Master – class nail design number 8

Master Class nailsStep 1. Create a foundation. It will be pink and white jacket.Emphasize the black paint with a fine brush line “Smile.” After that,draw a checkerboard grid on the white part of the nail, leaving apure white patches on the sides.
Step 2. Sketch grid cells of gray, pink and black paint. Make a shortbrush.
Step 3. From above, the resulting pattern of white paint to drawanother grid, but a big step. Draw latch.
Step 4. Black acrylic doing two strips in the form of drops, andfasten them on the line ulybki.Poluchenny belt along the contouroutlines of silver paint. She also paint the holes. From acrylic beadscreate kryazhechku, and dress it on the strap. Cover strap lockingmeans.

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