Master – class nail design number 4

Master - class nail designStep 1. Causes a layer of white nail polish, giving dry. After that, the lower roller to the free edge of the draw broad bands of yellow, orange, red paint (other colors can be combined, such as blue violetblue, or green palette to choose a client). Doing it with a flat brush.
Step 2. We agree with the color stripes of black paint. Divide the length of the nail into two pieces, about respecting the proportions of the free edge. Make this etam with a thin, long brushes.
Step 3. In parallel, the dividing line, we make several more in the end on the free edge should have something like a grid. Draw a fixer.
Step 4. Just lay out a line of fixer “smile” large sequins or small crystals. For these purposes, also suitable Bulyonkov. Once again,the final cover design fixative.

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