Master – class nail design number 1

Master class on nail designStep 1. Paint your nails with white polish. Dry them. Put a layer oflight, and lay the lace on the free edge of the nail.
Step 2. Take a long, thin brush and paint with black paint chaoticgeometric pattern, chotorye makes the nail plate, as it were”broken” like a mirror.
Step 3. The resulting paint over paint the triangles of different colors(you can do as a random rainbow colors and choose the color of thedress or the accessories the client). It’s easier to dokinzhaloobraznoy brush. Try not to paint razelyayuschuyu line forclarity and beauty of the picture, but if you have not quite turned out -accurately podppravte line.
Step 4. The same colors in the same manner as paint the “cell”lace. Between the nail plate and the free edge must be harmony.Since the fine lace – it is more convenient to set point DOTS.
Step 5. The resulting pattern of gel-coat finish, or by any other means to perpetuate.

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